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Joakim Jonsson
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So I've been doing some pages now of a comic I've so far had yet to mention the title of, or even the name of the main character. The her name always been obvious to me. It was actually in the second page I ever wrote about her. But that comic strip kinda sucked so it was removed soon after I uploaded it here. The title for the comic was a bit trickier. The title I worked with when I first started with this project was "Hipsters", a dreadful title that never fitted. Afterwards it I called it "The collective" for a while. But then, it just feelt right to name the comic after it's main character.

So the name of this comic, and it's main character, is Charlie.

Weird by TheSlinker

So who is Charlie then? Charlie came to be right after I started to get sick of my previous comic "Rejected". I just didn't think the comic or character was funny drawing anymore. The main character in Rejected is a character design I've been using a long. But despite that, "Slinker" never really feel like its own character. Perhaps because I tried too much making him me. So I feelt like I needed to do something else. With colors. The Rejected comics had however female character, that I kinda liked drawing. And I think Charlie is an expansion of her.

A kiss by TheSlinker

(Sorry all my old comics are in swedish.)

So who is Charlie then? Charlie is a 21 year old girl. That lived a pretty empty teenage life, and to escape that life she moved out of her hometown to start anew. But to achieve an happy new life, she is going to have to fight a lot of embarrassing stuff. Like learning to be social! Oh my!

Working at a crappy job for a few years back home, she has saved enough money to get by a "few months"  in her first very own apartment... That she has to share with two other strangers. OMG, how will she get by?!? What if they want to become friends with her? ARGH, WHAT IF THEY DON'T?!?

To escape this nightmare of awkwardness she is for now pretty secluded to her own room and internet. But will now and then attempt to communicate IRL.
Charlie is however deeply an really honest, caring and loyal person. That would probably be a great friend to have. She has all the tools to live her own dreams. She just lacks the experience, nothing she does she do because she is stupid or cynical. Just she doesn't really know any other way. She might learn though.

The comic so far hasen't been that storylined. Overall I make every comic strip to stand by its own, but I hope to have a little character development there in the future. What feels refreshing for me making this comic, and has probably help me stick with it. Is that I don't really care who reads it or whats funny anymore. Might be a weird statement, but what I feelt what been limiting in my previous attempts was that I did a comic I tried to fit in somewhere. Like a newspaper, or a site, or have an overall appeal similar to comics I like. And everything I did had to be so darn funny.

I think I can be pretty funny person now and then. But when writing a comic the whole "think of something funny" it's a really bad first step. In Charlies comics I want to tell about situations I, myself, find weird or awkward in daily life. And life full of it. If a page turns out funny thats a plus, but I my main goal is to tell something people can RELATE to. Because if people can read about awkward or embarrassing situations they can related to. Maybe that will help them survive it themself? I hope so.

I hope some of you has enjoyed my comics about Charlie so far. This month I will try to redo my website "" and give Charlie her own room. With both the swedish and the english version of the comic in one place. But no worries, I'm gonna keep posting the English versions deviantart too. I'm also gonna work on a few applications to schools. So I'm not sure when next page comes. But they will come, and hopefully constantly improve. My comic. Named Charlie. About Charlie.... Yeah, she's pretty sweet.
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  • Drinking: So much water, it's almost like I made of it.

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